About Us

Bose’s Guns is located in Emerson, a small rural town in northeast Nebraska. A location where everyone knows each other and small-town values still mean something. Not getting a job done in a timely manner is devastating in a small community and we keep this in mind in every job we take on. We are a second-generation gunsmithing operation that has the experience and knowledge to make your firearm projects come to life.

In building our new building, we added another 1500 sq ft. to the repair shop to make more room for equipment.

Bose’s Guns performs a variety of work on firearms, covering the entire field involving trouble-shooting, stock refinishing, rebluing, stock checkering, firearm cleaning, rebarreling, chambering, soldering and welding to name a few. Our shop is equipped to conveniently and efficiently take care of all these jobs.

Our History

Bose’s Guns has been in the gunsmithing field since 1968. Only stopping for the occasional hunting trip. Through hard work, training and research has been able to develop techniques that are able to turn your firearm into a work of art or be able to withstand the harshest elements. Whether you need a pin replaced or a full-blown restoration, you can depend on the integrity and service that 30 plus years of gunsmithing experience that Bose’s Guns brings to you. Our quality is unsurpassed. 

Free Estimates

Restoration Only Free Estimate & Free Ship Back Promise*

Occasionally, we will receive a firearm that we cannot save. If we receive a firearm for a “restoration estimation” and it is deemed too far gone to save or you don’t want to move forward with the repair or restoration, we ship it back free. That is our promise!

You will receive a written estimate on all work recommended on the firearm for full restoration. In order for work to begin, we require written approval by the owner of the firearm. 

Customers should expect to hear from Bose’s Guns within two weeks after the firearm arrives here for evaluation. 

If we do not hear from a customer within 30 days of a written estimate the gun will be returned at Bose’s Guns expense.

Bose’s Guns will ask for a deposit when the okay is given by a customer to proceed with the estimated work. On jobs we would ask for a deposit of 1/3rd the estimated price.

Under/Over Estimate: Bose’s Guns will make every attempt to include the cost of all the necessary work/repairs in the initial estimate, however, if any un-foreseen/additional repairs are needed that were not included in the initial estimate, Bose’s Guns will notify the customer with the additional work and cost.

Bose’s Guns will notify the customer by phone when the project is complete. Payment is due within 30 days of this notice. If payment is not received in full after the 30-day notice, Bose’s Guns will notify the customer by certified mail that the balance is still outstanding.  Failure to pay the invoice in full within 15 days of the receipt of the certified letter will result in the gun becoming the property of Bose’s Guns. Bose’s Guns has the right to sell the completed firearm/parts to satisfy the outstanding invoice balance.

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